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Support Levels

These service pages contain documentation, application notes and downloads for products of the Keith & Koep GmbH.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions gives answers to common questions and information which did not find a way to an own page.

Product Change Notices

Product Change Notices describing recent changes to Keith & Koep's products and parts.

Hardware Documentation

Hardware Documentation
For a performance-comparison of our modules see Benchmark.

Software Dokumentation

Keith & Koep Bootloader

Microsoft Operating Systems

As a Microsoft GOLD PARTNER IHV and SI, Keith & Koep offers the best support for Windows Embedded CE/Compact.

The latest Windows CE board-support-packages for Keith & Koep Trizeps-modules can be found at:
Board Support Packages (Microsoft)

See Application Notes (Level1) for software-samples.

With Drvlib you can directly map physical ressources from your user mode application. This is even possible within CE6.0 which does not come with ceddk.

Android Operating System

Infos: Android

Linux Operating System

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