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Connect a UART/RS232/IrDA to a Trizeps


FFUART (COM1) to RS232

This is a sample on how to connect COM1 to a DSUB9-RS232 connector. Like almost all of the Trizeps-signals, the COM1-pins are only +3V3-tolerant.

BTUART (COM2) to RS232

This is a sample on how to connect COM2 to a 10pol. header. This 10pol-header allows easy connection to a RS232-SUBD connector. Of course you may connect the UART-ports with +3V3-compatible hardware directly, i.e. serial-bluetooth-modules or printers.


This is a sample on how to connect COM3 to an IrDA transceiver. On Trizeps4 and Trizeps5 only COM3 can be configured as IrDA. Of course it can be configured as normal UART too.


Signal-Name SODIMM-Pin Remark
COM1_DTR 23 Data Terminal Ready
COM1_CTS 25 Clear To Send
COM1_RTS 27 Ready To Send
COM1_DSR 29 Data Set Ready
COM1_DCD 31 Data Carrier Detect
COM1_RXD 33 Receive Data
COM1_TXD 35 Transmit Data
COM1_RI 37 Ring Indicator
Signal-Name SODIMM-Pin Remark
COM2_CTS 32 Clear To Send
COM2_RTS 34 Ready To Send
COM2_RXD 36 Receive Data
COM2_TXD 38 Transmit Data
Signal-Name SODIMM-Pin Remark
COM3_RXD 19 Receive Data
COM3_TXD 21 Transmit Data
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