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Connect USB-Slave-Connector to a Trizeps

Applies to: Trizeps IV(M), Trizeps IV WL, Trizeps V.
Does not apply to: Trizeps VI, Trizeps MX28 !!
See also: Trizeps USB-Driver


Typical connection of USB-Slave-Connector

When choosing a protective-diode circuit (D1), choose one that has not got an internal pull-up!
If the USB-Slave is used for debugging-purpose only or if you need to reduce part-count, the reset-generator logic could be removed. Leave the voltage divider and maybe include a capacitor for signal-debounce.


Signal-Name SODIMM-Pin Remark
USBFN_SLAVE_DM 28 USB-differential-line neg.
USBFN_SLAVE_DP 30 USB-differential-line pos.
USBFN_SLAVE_DETECT 55 USB cable detect. (3,3V: cable plugged, 0V: cable not plugged)
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