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The i-MOD UART connector is a standard connector defined by Keith&Koep to allow customers to easily add functions to a baseboard.
Keith & Koep offers different extension boards ranging from a simple breakout board to RS232/RS485/RS422 transceiver boards.
Customers may design their own peripherals which can be connected through a 10pol FFC cable.

This is the pinning of the connector on the baseboard.
Extension boards use the opposite numbering scheme.
Inputs and outputs are in respect to the baseboard. i.e. the TXD output of the baseboard is an input to the extension board.

Pin Signal Function
1 UART1_RI RI input
3 UART1_DSR DSR input
4 GND Power
5 +3V3 Power
6 UART1_RTS RTS output
7 UART1_CTS CTS input
8 UART1_TXD TXD output
9 UART1_RXD RXD input
10 UART1_DTR DTR output

Connector: 687110149022 by Wuerth

i-MOD UART peripherals

Picture Name Description Datasheet
iModCon RS232 Converts iMod Uart to RS232 imodcon_rs232_datasheet_v0.9.pdf
iModCon RS Combi Converts iMod UART to RS232, RS485 or RS422 imodcon_rs_combi_datasheet_v1.0.pdf

Summary i-MOD solutions

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