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The i-MOD USB/I2C connector is a standard connector defined by Keith&Koep to allow customers to easily add functions to a baseboard.
Keith & Koep offers different extension boards ranging from a simple breakout board or an additional USB-type A connector to current-, voltage-, TOF-, NFC- sensors or IO-expander boards.
Customers may design their own peripherals which can be connected through a 10pol FFC cable.

This is the pinning of the connector on the baseboard.
Extension boards use the opposite numbering scheme.

Pin Signal Function
1 +5V Power
2 USB_DM USB D- signal
3 USB_DP USB D+ signal
4 GND Power
5 +3V3 Power
6 I2C_CLK I2C Clock signal
7 I2C_DATA I2C Data signal
8 GPIO_00 GPIO; Mainly used as interrupt input pin for attached peripherals.
9 GPIO_AUX GPIO; Mainly used as output.
 Reset output of the baseboard:  
 Low during reset and suspend. 
 High when running. 

Connector: 687110149022 by Wuerth

Summary i-MOD solutions

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