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Default Firmware ssh://

The Trizeps VIII can be equipped with a Lattice MachXO3 FPGA with either 640, 1300, 2100 or 4300LUT.


The FPGA may be programmed through JTAG using connector J401 (see datasheet for details) or in system through I2C.
In-System-Programming through I2C has not been verified yet.

MachXO3 FPGAs are available in two different programmable-versions:

  • Multi-Programmable: LCMXO3L up to 9 times programmable
  • Programmable Flash: LCMXO3LF 100.000 write/erase-cycles


The Trizeps VIII is able to boot without any firmware programmed to the FPGA.

Customers may request access to the source-code of the firmware to modify it for their needs.


The following describes the current default-firmware, which is designed to offer best compatibility to previous Trizeps modules functionality and Keith&Koep baseboards.

I2C-Address: 0x41 (7bit)
Reg. Name Access Description Default-Value
0x00 I2C_REG_ID read Return ID-value 0x61
0x10 I2C_REG_DISPLAY write
 Display-Control-Register for
 MIPI-DSI to parallel RGB converter
 0x8.   Invert Pixel-Clock polarity
 0x4.   Invert HSync polarity
 0x2.   Invert VSync polarity
 0x1.   Invert DE polarity
 0x.C   Use RGB24, LCD_D[23..0]
 0x.8   Use RGB18, LCD_D[17..0]
 0x.4   Use RGB16, LCD_D[15..0]
 0x.1   Enable converter
0x20 I2C_REG_PINMUX write
 0x.0   UART4/SPI2 not routed.
 0x.1   UART4 routed to on-board 
        Bluetooth module.
 0x.2   SPI2 routed to SODIMM
        (Pins: 86 SS,88 CLK,90 MISO,92 MOSI)
 0x.3   SPI2 routed to SODIMM
        (Pins: 170 MOSI,172 CLK,178 SS,180 MISO)
 0x.4   SPI2 routed to SODIMM
        (Pins: 170 MISO,172 SS,178 CLK,180 MOSI)
 Read Version of FPGA-Code

Read Version

The currently programmed version can be read in bootloader through:

u-boot=> i2c dev 2
u-boot=> i2c md 0x41 F0.1 1

or in linux through:

i2cget -f -y 2 0x41 0xf0

Versions prior to version 1 return „read failure“ on attempt to read register 0xF0.


Date Version Description Download
11.03.2021 1
 + Added option 4 & fixed option 3 of I2C_REG_PINMUX
 + Add extra display-reset condition.
27.11.2019 none
 + Fix routing of SPI/BTUART pins.
14.08.2019 none
 + Disable clamping of pins on VDD_FPGA_MIPI power-domain.
17.07.2019 none
 + Changed I2C_SCL and I2C_SDA to OpenDrain.
03.07.2019 none
 Firmware for LCMXO3LF-2100E-6MG121C
 + Added supervisor to check wether valid display-data is received
   and if not reset receive-part.
26.04.2019 none Firmware for LCMXO3LF-2100E-6MG121C
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