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Figure: i-MOD (without Trizeps and Display)

The i-MOD10 is a compact and modular display solution, which combines a display with a Trizeps processor module. It is directly glued onto a 10-inch display and all interfaces may be connected through flex-cable-connectors.
These flex-cable connectors follow the new i-MOD Standard. Several i-MOD interface modules are availlable and customers may design own interface-modules to fit their needs. The main idea behind the i-MOD is, that it contains the basics and only the interfaces needed by your application are connected.

Figure: Simplified Block Diagram

The i-MOD10 features:

  • Intelligent Modular Display solution.
  • Based on Trizeps CPU Modules with SODIMM200 Technology
  • Easy adaptable to requested Displays. Possible Interface: LVDS, Dual-LVDS, RGB, HDMI.
  • Put your connectors at the right place with external boards using 10pin and 40pin FFC cables.
  • USB2.0 Hub, Realtime Clock
  • WLAN and Bluetooth options through Trizeps modules

Overview i-MOD10 versions

Operating System for i-MOD10

Currently we support Windows Embedded Compact 7, Windows Compact 2013, Linux and Android as operating system.
Board Support Packages (BSP) are free for download and allow our customers to built their own OS.

Because the i-MOD10 may be equipped with different Modules, use the following links in the Modules-chapter to get OS-Images and the Board-Support-Package.


This panel may be equipped with one of the following modules:

Technical Documents

Datasheet V0.9 (Preliminary): i-MOD10

3D Models (no warranty)

  • STEP:
  • STL:
  • PDF:
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