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The i-PAN7 is a flat panel solution, which may be easily integrated in customer devices. It consists of a 7-inch touch-display combined with a Trizeps-based baseboard containing most peripherals needed by todays typical panel-applications. To make it easy for customers to attach their own peripherals or to put connectors on a desired place in a product, the i-PAN7 additionally has extensions connectors.

i-PAN7 features at the product pages:

Operating System for i-PAN7

Currently we support Windows Embedded CE6, Compact 7 and Compact 2013 as operating system. For versions with Trizeps VII are Android JB 4.2.2 - 1.1.0 ASOP and Linux Ubuntu 14.04 LTS also available
Board Support Packages (BSP) are free for download and allow our customers to built their own OS.
Sample implementations of other operating systems like Linux and Android are availlable, but supported through partners.

Because the i-PAN7 may be equipped with different Modules, use the following links in the Modules-chapter to get OS-Images and the Board-Support-Package.


This panel may be equipped with one of the following modules:

Technical Documents

PCNs (Product Change Notifications)

3D Models (no warranty)

New two-part sheet metal construction

Obsolet: die-cast aluminium housing

Connector Board


3D Models

Touch Displays

Current EDT capacitive touch display:
Datasheet: ETM070001BDH6

Previous EDT capacitive touch display (same dimensions as ETM070001BDH6):
Datasheet: ETM070001ADH6

Current OSD resistive touch display:
Datasheet: OSD070T1185-45TS

Previous OSD resistive touch display (recent shipments):
Datasheet: OSD070TN84

Obsolete resistive Touch Display:
Innolux Display

The Bezel opening and thickness changed slightly. The active area did not change. The horizontal timing adapted using additional 126 clks. The timing from the MK3 version is usable. Together with the original Innolux timings, distorsions might occur.

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