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SBCSOM Product Page
Current Version: SBCSOM V1R2

Technical Documents


The SBCSOM is the link between Single-Board-Computers and System-On-Modules.
It uses the NXP i.MX 8M Mini processor and got connectors for different interfaces like Ethernet,USB, Mini-HDMI, Mini-PCIe, etc.,
but it also has got two card-edge-connector to easily add extensions.
For mass-production, we can integrate your extension to the SBCSOM and through this you can get faster to market with lower cost and risk.

Operating System for SBCSOM

The SBCSOM is based on our Myon II and Trizeps VIII Mini design.
Support for the different OS can be found in Linux (Android,Debian,U-Boot,...) and Windows 10 IoT.


SOM/SBC/SBCSOM: som-sbcsom-sbc.pdf (german)

3D Model for SBCSOM (no warranty)

Block Diagram

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