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Android 4.2.2, Trizeps VII

Gitlab Access:

Android 4.2.2 ssh://

Virtual Build Environment

Keith & Koep sells Evaluation Kits containing a USB3.0 Harddisk with a prepared virtual box VM containing an UBUNTU 12.04 LTS based cross development system for
iMX6 Android 4.2.2 Trizeps-VII based Ipan7/Ipan5 Evalkits.

People who do not want to buy those Evaluation Kits are free to download the diff to the official Freescale Android 4.2.2 development tree for SabreSD/Sabrelight Boards.

The software is delivered free without support/guarantee.

Keith & Koep GmbH is not providing any SW License for included technologies or patents.

Sourcecode Difference to Freescale Distribution

Download: android-4.2.2_1.0.0-ga-2013-10-14a.tar.gz (136.7 Mbyte) and copy it into the prepared FSL android-4.2.2_1.0.0-ga tree.

Note: The archive which can be downloaded from the Wiki is an early preliminary release. The actual complete Sourcecode is part of a virtual machine (UBUNTU) copied to a harddisk, which can be purchased at Keith & Koep GmbH.

Binaries ready deploy for Trizeps-VII (linux Host required)

Binaries can be deployed directly to an empty SDCARD.

Supported Platforms:

  • Trizeps-VII iPAN7 7„ Display with RGB565 USB-OTG as Host, Navigation Bar Suppressed (noButtons)
  • Trizeps-VII iPAN7 7“ Display with RGB565 USB-OTG as Host or Slave
  • Trizeps-VII iPAN7N 7„ Display with RGB666 USB-OTG Slave (jumperable)
  • Trizeps-VII iPAN7N 10“ Display lvds RGB888 USB-OTG Slave (jumperable)
  • Trizeps-VII iPAN7N 7„ Display with RGB666 USB-OTG Slave (jumperable) Navigation Bar Suppressed (noButtons)
  • Trizeps-VII iPAN5 7“ Display or Dualdisplay 7„ Display RGB666 + HDMI
  • Trizeps-VII iPAN5 7“ Display or Dualdisplay 7„ Display RGB666 Navigation Bar Suppressed (noButtons)
  • Trizeps-VII pConXS 7“ Display or Dualdisplay 7„ Display RGB666 + HDMI

Download: 2016-05-23 ipan-7-5-2016.05.23.tar.gz
..and use Ubuntu (or other Linux) to prepare 4GByte SDCARD (Class 10 better UHS-I recommended).

Note readme.txt included in archive.

recent releases:
2016-04-21 ipan-7-5-2016-04-21.tar.gz 2015-07-16: ipan-7-5-2015-07-16.tar.gz
2015-05-12: ipan-7-5-2015-05-12.tar.gz
2015-02-22: ipan-7-5-2015-02-22.tar.gz
2014-12-22-2: with e2fsck during boot for iPAN7 + pConXS: firmware-2014-12-22-2.tar.gz
2014-09-24: ipan-7-5_2014-09-24.tar.gz (209.1 MByte)
2014-02-22: ipan-7-5-2014-02-22.tar.gz
2013-07-15: ipan-7-5_2014-07-15_b.tar.gz (198.9 Mbyte)

ConXT 7Inch Kuk AZ Display

Download: 2018-05-04 Android4.2.2 Image ConXT AZ Display.imz

Deploy With restore“ function

ADB Support (Windows)

USB Drivers


Note: This Driver can be installed only on Windows 10, if Driver signature test is disabled during installation. A Brief instruction how to install unsignatured Drivers can be found here: Install Unsignatured Drivers HowTo

ADB Tools (Windows)

How to build and deploy

Read FSL Documents:

Short build description:
Trizeps7 Single/Dualite 512Mbyte (better 1GByte !!!)
(SDCARD = /dev/sde)


1. Login with „imx6“

First select iPAN7 or iPAN5 in:


and select BOARD_KERNEL_CMDLINE for ipan5/6 in


2. Open Xterm
3. cd Android
4. source build/
5. lunch trizeps7_6dq-user
6. make -j4
7. sudo KK-Scripts/fsl-sdcard-partition /dev/sde
8. KK-Scripts/write-sdcard /dev/sde

Optional for Trizeps-VII 1GByte Solo/Duallite
9. KK-Scripts/

Optional for Trizeps-VII 1GByte Dual/Quad
10. KK-Scripts/

uBoot: if needed, enter with 115kBaud, 8,1,n

Build Kernel, Rootfs

make -j4 bootimage

Add System apps to running system

Example with FileExplorer.apk FileExplorer.odex. The *.odex is optional

mount -o remount,rw -t ext4 /dev/block/mmcblk0p5 /system
cp -r /mnt/udisk/FileExplorer.* /system/app/
chmod 644 /system/app/FileExplorer.*

after installing reboot System

Build Systemimage

make -j4 systemimage


Div. changes. For WLAN Wireless Tests Change execute rc.wifi.mfgmode to download alternative Firmware to the WLAN/BT module. You Need the tools mfgbridge (remote Wifi,BT) (and/or the reduced dutcmd for local use (only Wifi)). the mfgbridge app will be used to send ioctls to the wireless unit over a remote pc based application DutApiBRIDGEETH8787.exe. (Other Network Interface needed like Ethernet)

Support Level 2 Docs:

Download: marvell8787.tar.gz

Makefile ext to add additional files:

PC Tool, please setup IP Adr in SetUp.ini:

Confidential Information for Windows Compact Driver:sdio8787_mfg.pdf

Additional Comments: remote-tool.txt

Supported Interfaces

  • Display: lcd ldb hdmi (nearly all combinations for dual Display)
  • backlight (pwm)
  • resistive Touch (WM9715)
  • capacitive Touch (focaltech M06/M09) Goodix, eGalax, etc…
  • Ethernet (onboard fec, div. USB, ASIX88796, LAN95X etc.)
  • sdio wlan/bluetooth. Wifi 5GHz,2.4GHz, STA, AP, Wifidirect, BT tethering etc…
  • ac97 audio input and out, hdmi audio out
  • usb host
  • usb slave
  • usb otg
  • serial
  • flexcan
  • RTC
  • sdcards
  • WEIM Support
  • battery driver sample
  • tvp5150 based PAL camera (ipan-7) with h264 support (Skype etc.)
  • usb camera
  • ov5640 Mipi camera
  • i2c (i2c based drivers generally work with BSP)
  • gpio (gpios must be exported by the board-specific adaption)


To test the FlexCAN with Android/Linux: Images build after 2016-06-15 contain can-utils (cmd line Tools)

Sourcecode for SocketCAN
Wikipedia Info for SocketCAN
Short Description to use

Howto Test Can with can-utils

Setup Interface: ip link set can0 type can bitrate 125000
Start Interface: ip link set can0 up
Send ext. Frame: cansend can0 1F334488#1122334455667788
Send std. Frame: cansend can0 1F3#1122334455667788
MonitorMessages: candump -e any

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