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Ubuntu 16.04/18.04 (Debian Bionic)

Gitlab Access:

Ubuntu/Debian 16.04/18.04 ssh://
FSL Old Official Kernel Archive ssh://
FSL New Official Kernel Archive ssh://
Community Kernel ssh://
Kernel for Tr8/Mini ssh://
U-Boot ssh://

Note: the Community Kernel is recommended for the Debian 16.04/18.04

Deploying Images

  1. Download *.imz File
  2. copy *.imz to SD-Card with „restore“ function
  3. mount SD-Card Partition using a Linux PC and copy the oftree.dtb and oftree-mx6q.dtb from the /DTB/* Folder with the Name of your board to root (/)
  4. eg.: cp /DTB/iPAN5/* /

OS-Image Debian 18.04 (Trizeps8Mini)

Actual 18.04 Image iPANT7
2021-01-05: debian18.04-tr8mini-ipant7-2021-01-05.imz
2019-12-06: debian18.04-tr8mini-20191206.imz

Actual 18.04 Image iPANT10
2020-04-21: debian18.04-tr8mini-ipant10-2020-04-21.imz

OS-Image Debian 18.04 (SBCSOM)

18.04 Image SBCSOM
2021-08-11: debian-10.3-lxde-sbcsom-2021-08-11-3.imz

OS-Image Debian 18.04 (Trizeps7 iPan5)

Actual 18.04 Image iPAN5 EDT-7Inch-Display

Download: tr7-ipan5-edt7-debian-lxde-18.04-2020-11-26.imz
tested with ipan5 edt single & quad processors

OS-Image Debian 18.04 (Trizeps7 pConXS)

Actual 18.04 Image with pConXS-III 7 Inch AZ Display
Download: tr7-pconxs-iii-az-wvga-18.04-2021-10-07.imz

Actual 18.04 Image pConXS EDT-7Inch-Display

Download: tr7-pconxs-edt7-debian-lxde-18.04-2020-11-26.imz
No LXDE, only console with bonding support: tr7-pconxs-edt7-debian-console-only-18.04-2020-12-18.imz

Actual 18.04 Image with LXDE Desktop bluez and blueman Support (BT 4.0 with additional USB Dongle)
Download: pconxs-edt7-debian-18.04-2018-08-28.imz

Actual 16.04 Image with LXDE Desktop bluez and blueman Support (BT 4.0 with additional USB Dongle)
Download: pconxs-edt7-debian-16.04-complete-2018-07-04.imz

Recent Versions: Download: pconxs-debian-18.04-2019-07-08.imz Download: pconxs-edt7-debian-2018-03-03.imz

Recent Example with with LXDE Desktop and Wordpress Webservice
Download: pconxs-edt7-debian-wordpress-2017-08-21.imz

Copy pconxs-edt7-debian-wordpress-2017-08-21.imz to SD-Card with the
„restore“ function of

OS-Image Debian 18.04 (Trizeps7 ConXT)

Actual 18.04 Image ConXT AZ-7Inch-Display
Download: conxt-azcoverlens7-debian-18.04-complete-2018-11-15.imz

OS-Image Debian 18.04 (pConXS 7 Inch if not other specified) With QT and Crank / Gstreamer Demos

Note look in ~/.bashrc for alias names to start demos


Generate a Boot Script boot.scr

The Bootloader can load a boot.scr before downloading an OS-Image Boot.scr is a Textfile with a Special Header built by mkimage using a x86-linux OS.

Tool mkimage Download: Please unzip with pw mkimage

Use: mkimage -A arm -T script -O linux -d boot.txt boot.scr

One sample boot.txt for booting Debian OS:
setenv bootargs console=ttymxc1,115200 root=/dev/mmcblk3p1 rw
echo Devtree ${fdt_file} to Addr ${fdt_addr}
ext4load mmc 0:1 ${fdt_addr} ${fdt_file}
echo Load kernel ${image} to Addr ${loadaddr}
ext4load mmc 0:1 ${loadaddr} ${image}
echo „Booting Debian Kernelcommand:“ ${bootargs}
bootz ${loadaddr} - ${fdt_addr}

Variables: fdt_file (Solo/Duallite oftree.dtb, else oftree-mx6q.dtb)
fdt_addr predefined load addr for devtree.
loadaddr predefined load add for OS
bootargs Kernel Command line

Cross Compiler

Download: cross-c.tgz

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