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Linux Kernel

Keith & Koep delivers “out of the box solutions”. A complete Linux development system is already installed on a virtual machine. The installation includes crosscompilers and installed repositories for u-boot, different kernel source code archives (already configured and compiled), a Debian-16.04/18.04 installation which can be used directly or rebuilt from Debian servers. The VM also contains a preinstalled and compiled Android AOSP. The customer is able to resynchronise his VM software archives with the Keith & Koep Gitlab server. The kernel as well as the bootloader adaptions are developed by the Keith & Koep team.

3.0.35 3.1 4.1 4.4 4.9 4.14 5.4 5.10
Myon I :ok:¹ :ok:² :ok: :ok:
Myon II :ok: :ok: :ok:
Trizeps VII :ok: :ok: :ok: Q4/20
Trizeps VIII :ok:² :ok: :ok: :ok:

¹) for Android
²) On Request
∗) Same versions will be supported for Trizeps VIII and Trizeps VIII Mini.

Myon I

Myon II

Trizeps VII

Trizeps VIII

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