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Linux 3.0.35, Trizeps VII

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Kernel 3.0.35 Trizeps7 (used for Android 4, Debian 14.04) ssh://

u-Boot for Trizeps-VII Single/Duallite/Dual/Quad

Kernel 3.0.35 for Trizeps-VII Single/Duallite.

  • Supports V1R0…V1R3 Version (autoadapt)
  • one Build support multiple Baseboards. Select baseboard by Kernel-commandline: e.g. baseboard=iPAN7

Download: kernel_imx-2016-04.tgz

Ubuntu LXDE Installation procedure for iPAN5

Unpack to home directory beside Android. Build scripts will reference kernel_imx and uboot directories via symbolic links. For other K+K boards modfify kernel commandline baseboard=iPAN5 for your baseboard. Call - to build an deploy kernel. The build-rootfs directory contains scripts to generate your own rootdirectory.

Download: debian-2016-04-12.tgz

Please contact if download unsuccessful.


  • Run '' on target after first boot
  • connect a usb keyboard and mouse. Type 'startx' to start the lxde Desktop.
  • packages can be installed with 'sudo apt-get install'

Wifi Binary Drivers Kernel 3.0.35 armhf

ALSA Helpers for Sound / IO

Can be compiled with UBUNTU rootfs (native compiler)

To use arecord first setup Mixer with script. This script sets /dev/snd/* permissions and configures the alsamixer.

Do not use arecord in MMAP modes ! (Driver rejects this setting)

Download alsa.tar.gz

Cross Compilers

Download: gcc-prebuilts


Howto Test Can with can-utils

Setup Interface: ip link set can0 type can bitrate 125000
Start Interface: ip link set can0 up
Send ext. Frame: cansend can0 1F334488#1122334455667788
Send std. Frame: cansend can0 1F3#1122334455667788
MonitorMessages: candump -e any

Manufacturing tools

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