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Using Bootloader Autoboot Function

The Keith & Koep bootloader for Trizeps-modules is able to automatically boot files from SD/MMC or CompactFlash storage cards. Autoboot through CompactFlash cards is not supported by Trizeps2 and 3.

To use this functionality the storage card needs to be formated as FAT12,FAT16 or FAT32.

  1. Create an autoboot.bat-file in the root-directory of the primary partition.
  2. Fill autoboot.bat with valid bootloader commands.
  3. Put card into socket and power on device. The bootloader will automatically search for an autoboot.bat file and execute it.

Example: Update Windows CE Image and Stop

Files on storage-card:

  • autoboot.bat
  • update.tft - picture created with the bitmapboot-tool that shows something like: updating, don't power off device.
  • nk.nb0 - Windows CE Image.
  • done.tft - picture that shows something like: finished, remove card and reboot device.


boot mmc update.tft       
boot mmc nk_zip.nb0
boot mmc done.tft
monitor com1


On power on, the device will search for autoboot.bat-files on the storage cards.
It finds autoboot.bat and executes it.
boot mmc update.tft will show a picture on the display, to inform the user, that the device is beeing updated.
ereg will erase the persistant registry, so no old registry settings will disturb the new CE-image.
boot mmc nk_zip.nb0 stores the new CE-image to flash.
boot mmc done.tft informs the user, that update is done.
monitor com1 opens the bootloader-command-prompt on com1 and prevents the bootloader to continue with the default boot-sequence.

Example: Update whole flash and Start

Files on storage-card:

  • autoboot.bat
  • image.dat - flash-image created with the flashupdate-tool.


boot mmc image.dat     


boot mmc image.dat updates the whole flash.
fb boots image.

Example: Boot a RAM-image

Files on storage-card:

  • autoboot.bat
  • nk_ram.nb0 - Windows CE RAM-image.


boot mmc nk_ram.nb0     


display shows the default splash-screen.
boot mmc nk_ram.nb0 boots Windows CE image.

Disabling Autoboot Feature

You may disable the autoboot feature with bootloader fuses.
See the fuselist and fuseburn commands.

Storing a bootscript into flash

prepare a user.bat on SD-Card e.g.

initgpio 1 0 1

store this batch file to flash

store mmc user.bat 

if you want to erase this bootfile from flash enter

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