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Bootloader Trizeps VI (PXA168)

The 1.1 GHz bootloader will run on Trizeps-VI modules with 1.1 GHz speed-grade.
The 800 MHz bootloader will run on Trizeps-VI modules with 1.1GHz or 800 MHz speed-grade.

View the serial-number-sticker for speed-grade information.


  • Put pxa168.nb0 on a SD-Card.
  • Insert it into your device and run the bootloader command prompt (Bootloader):
boot mmc pxa168.nb0


Note that there are different Trizeps VI versions. A bootloader generated for A0-processor silicon will not work on the newer B0-silicon!!
The below bootloaders are for B0-silicon. Contact Keith & Koep for A0-silicon bootloader if needed.

Release Notes:

There are two version:

  • The standard version keeps the pull-behaviour of the display-pins on boot (pull-up).
  • The _mod version configures display-pins as pull-down on boot.

You can check the difference in the bootloader by typing:

:) 0xbfd1e0e0 @ .h
4cc0    -> for standard-version with pull-up on boot.
a880    -> for _mod-version with pull-down on boot.

You may also add as first line of your autoboot.bat:

:) 0xbfd1e0e0 @ VAR LCDPAD

to generate a registry-key named LCDPAD in [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Drivers\Display\Booted Display] with this value.

1.1 GHz, 128MB RAM

1.1 GHz, 256MB RAM

800 MHz, 128MB RAM

800 MHz, 256MB RAM

Frequency Change

Frequency can be changed in the bootloader menu. If you want to change to 1.1GHz, enter the bootloader and type:


 Eboot Main Menu
 [0] IP address:
 [1] Subnet Mask:
 [P] Power Management settings
 [T] Test Menu

 Selection: P

 Power Management settings
 [9] Running Operating Point : (800MHz)
 [A] Minimal Operating Point : (800MHz)
 [B] Max     Operating Point : (800MHz)
 [Q] Quit to Main Menu

Select options 9, A, B to point to the wanted operating-frequency. Afterwards press [Q] and two times [S] ( „Set BSP Configuration“ and „Save configuration to FLASH“).

Old Revisions

!!! Do not use on new Trizeps VI modules !!!

800 MHz:

1.2 GHz:

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