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BSP for Trizeps IV

These Board-Support-Packages also work for Trizeps II-270M modules.

Windows Embedded Compact 7

Windows Embedded CE 6

Windows CE 5

Windows CE5 CoreMax-Project for Trizeps IV

Unzip Workspace to .\WINCE500\PBWorkspaces-directory.

Images created with this workspace:

Also see Application Notes.

Windows CE5 CoreMax-Project for Trizeps II-270M

Application Notes

Trizeps II-270M

If you want to use the internal uSD-Card-slot, you must set PLAT_SDMMC_NOCARDDETECT=1.
For SJA1000-CAN set PLAT_SJA100=0100181a.

Drivers, Features

View Drivers for Trizeps II..VII for registry settings and additional information on drivers.

Component Description
Audio UCB1400 audio-driver
Touch UCB1400 touch-controller
UART XScale serial interfaces
IRDA supported by UART-driver
Bluetooth K&K BTH_UART BCSP-transport-driver for CSR-based HCI Modules
CAN SJA1000 CAN driver with library supports up to 4 SJA1000 devices
Quad- and Octal-UART Exar XR16L788,XR16L784 UART-drivers
Camera Universal camera driver
Display Highly optimized universal display driver,
Parameters read by Bootsplash and or Registry,
clock-dithering support for better EMC results
Backlight Functionality covered by display driver
Parameters read by Bootsplash and or Registry
Drvlib Interface library for platform specific extensions Drvlib
Flashdisk NOR Flashdisk, transaction based with wear-leveling
DiskOnChip NAND Flashdisk based on Trueffs-filesystem
SDIO/SD/MMC SDIO driver with highly improved performance,
SD-Memory and SDIO support
CompactFlash/PCMCIA Socket driver for Compact Flash or PCMCIA
USB-Host OHCI2 driver for XScale OHCI
USB-Device USB function Driver for XScale USBFN
Ethernet DM9000 ethernet-driver with improved ndis-driver model
Onboard WLAN BGW211 wlan-driver with full support for WEP and WPA and roaming
3rd Party WLAN Support for different 3rd party WLAN cards on request
Battery OEM battery-driver,
battery-driver using UCB1400, battery-driver using coulomb counters (on request)
Prnport print directly to TCP9100 or similar without Microsoft printer-server
PC-AT Keyboard/Mouse Universal keyboard-driver with Interface to i2c, uart, canbus (PC-AT Keycodes)
CPLD-Softkeyboard read buttons/keycodes via GPIO or external CPLD

Keith & Koep specific Tools, Features (not included with Platform Builder)

Component Description
kukinit.exe Launcher Program, starts user programs or update processes automatically
regedit.exe Registry Editor to modify registry parameters
kuk VNC-server Optimized VNC Server, interacts with display driver,
works with standard vncclients
VNC client freeware to connect to other VNC servers
KuKTools.exe Save, erase persistant Registry, show unique Device-ID, soft reset
serial comtest opens terminal emulation window to comport specified by comman line
network tool ping, lookup, resolve, time service, whois, ….
FlashUpdate.exe Universal Tool to dump/update flash-content using Windows CE

Keith & Koep Windows Embedded CE6 Enhancements:
Copy this folder to .\wince600\3rdParty\KeithKoep. After doing so, new items will be availlable in the catalog at Third Party → Keith & Koep GmbH.
It includes:

  • a patch for the ftp-server to do custom actions on download.See ftpserver.
  • special iPAN7 add-ons for the TR4uConXS-BSP: camera. (as of 2009Q3, use the iPAN7-camera-item in the BSP).

Keith & Koep optional 3rd Party Extensions (only with additional NDA)

Component Description
FingerPrint LAP high performance fingerprint matching software with drivers for Authentec AES1510 fingerprint sensor incl. LAP Plugin

Old Releases

Windows Embedded Compact 7

Windows Embedded CE6

Windows CE5

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