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BSP for Trizeps VII

Windows Embedded Compact

Application Notes


1. Remove the old Trizeps7 BSP
2. Please unpack to %_WINCEROOT%\PLATFORM\Trizeps7
3. To use the Keith & Koep Device Catalog run KeithKoep_Device_install.bat

Deploy built Images:

Call _FLATRELEASEDIRECTORY/makeSD/FormatSDonS.bat to format and deploy OS-Image with Bootloader to SDCARD.

To Enter the bootloader menu press the „ESC“ key in a Terminal window, which is connected to the COM1 Port. As baudrate for the Terminal Connection you have to choose 38,4kBit/s.

Platform Builder Patches & Bugfixes

1. Unpack these patches to %_WINCEROOT%\PLATFORM\Trizeps7\Files.
2. With a newer or older Platform Builder the patch may be unnecessary!
3. You can remove the patch by deleting the patched files.

Name Platform Builder Version Description
Ancillary Function Driver for Winsock (afd.dll) M10/2014 - M12/2014 (fixed in update 43) ftp-server: dir-command work only at windows-folder
Netcfagl3_5.dll M09/2014 - M2/2015 (fixed in update 44) Font Property access failure error description

Drivers, Features

View Drivers for Trizeps II..VII for registry settings and additional information on drivers.

Component Description
Accelerometer MMA8451Q driver
Audio Wolfson WM9715L audio-driver
Backlight Backlight PWM driver
Bluetooth Marvell SDIO8787 Driver for WLAN and Bluetooth
Camera TVP5150 driver
CANBUS Flexcan and SJA1000 driver with library supports up to 4 SJA1000 devices
Display LVDS, HDMI and DumpPanel
Parameters read by BootPNG and or Registry
Drvlib Interface library for platform specific extensions Drvlib
Ethernet Devices LAN8720A driver and AX88796B
GPT General Purpose Timer
GPU Driver for MX6Q Graphics Processing Unit
I2C I2C Driver can be controlled by drvlib
IRDA supported by UART-driver
OEMFS RAM-based persistant registry support
SD Host Controller SDIO driver with highly improved performance,
SD-Memory and SDIO support
Serial serial interfaces
UART Quad or Octal Uart (exar16550,serxr16788)
RTC RTC M41T81 or RTC PCF8563 support
Touch Focaltech Single- and Multitouch or Resistive Touch over WM9515L
USB devices High Speed Host and USB High Speed OTG
VPU Video Processing Unit Support
WIFI Marvell SDIO8787 Driver for WLAN and Bluetooth

Old Releases

Windows Embedded Compact 2013

Windows Embedded Compact 7

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