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CAN Monitor (iPan4, Trizeps MX28, Trizeps VII)

It works with iPan4, Trizeps MX28 and Trizeps VII and requires .NET Compact Framework 2.0 and Windows CE 5.0 or later.

CAN Tabpage

  • connect to the CAN1 or CAN2 device with selected UseBaudrate
  • change the CAN device with new connect after a disconnect
  • change the baudrate with UseBaudrate and Set Baudrate
  • the message counter shows how many messages have been arrived and have been sent

Send Tabpage

  • transmitt CAN messages using the transmit button
  • display the Status of the last transmit

Receive Tabpage

  • show received CAN messages inside the list box (WARNING in this demo it may not be displayed all reveived messages)
  • set the acceptence code register and acceptence mask register to filter CAN messages
  • selecting the echo checkbox makes CanMonitor echo messages
  • the second checkbox let CanMonitor increment the packet content

Note these archives are for MX28 only:
Download Binary:
Download Source:

Can Support for i.MX6 Trizeps-VII:
Can Demo Applications for iMX6

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