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This describes settings for the SDIO-driver of the Trizeps-module.

Registry Keys

SDHC_Trizeps-IV: Settings for Trizeps IV(M) and Trizeps IV WL SDIO-driver.
SDHC1: Settings for the first (external) SDIO-driver of Trizeps V and Trizeps VI.
SDHC2: Settings for the second (internal uSD) SDIO-driver of Trizeps V and Trizeps VI.

Key Type Description
CardDetectIRQ DWORD Set to 0, to disable card-detect. In this case card is not hot-pluggable.
Enable4BitInterface DWORD 0: use 1bit-mode, SDIO_DAT[2..3] not used. 1: use 4bit-mode.
ControllerISTPriority DWORD Priority of main interrupt thread.
CardDetectISTPriority DWORD Priority of card-detect thread.

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