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Trizeps USB-Driver

This describes settings for the USB-driver of the Trizeps-module.

Trizeps 4

The Trizeps IV(M) has three USB-Ports:

  • USB-Host
  • USB-Slave

If a cable is attached to the USB-Slave port, the USB-OTG port is automatically disabled. After deattach of the cable it gets reconnected.

Trizeps 5

The Trizeps V has three USB-Ports:

  • USB-Host
  • USB-Slave (HighSpeed)

Unlike Trizeps4, where USB-Slave can't work at the same time as USB-OTG, all ports may run concurrently.

Key Type Description
HighSpeed DWORD
 0   Only use Full-Speed for USB-Slave port. Note that this does not work, 
     if the module is attached to a USB-hub.
 1   Use High-Speed.

Trizeps 6

The Trizeps VI has two USB-Ports:

  • USB-Host (HighSpeed)
  • USB-OTG (HighSpeed)

A mounting option exist to route the USB-OTG-pins to the USB-Slave-pins of Trizeps4&5. But this might impact the usable speed on the USB-bus and is not the default setting.
For a normal configured Trizeps6, you should set the OTG-Registry setting to one of following values:

  • 0: if USB-OTG should only work as Host ( Also set DynamicClientLoad = 0).
  • 3: if you attached a OTG-connecter (with ID and VBUS pins).
  • 5: if you attached a OTG or USB-Slave connector and the port should work as Slave only.
  • 0x20005: if you want to operate the USB-Port as USB-Slave, but left VBUS floating. (This setting is usefull if you want to debug an application through ActiveSync, but can only connect to a USB-A connector).
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Drivers\BuiltIn\HCD] ( first Host-Port)
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Drivers\BuiltIn\OTG\HCD] ( OTG-Port, when configured as host)
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Drivers\BuiltIn\OTG\UsbFn] ( OTG-Port, when configured as slave)
Key Type Description
HighSpeed DWORD
 0   Force port to only use Full-Speed.
 1   Use High-Speed.

Registry-Settings for the USB-OTG Port (all Trizeps)

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Drivers\BuiltIn\Usbfn] (Trizeps4 & 5)
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Drivers\BuiltIn\OTG] (Trizeps6)
Key Type Description
 0x......FF   OTGMode:
               0x0 (default): OTG-Port is Host, or disabled if USB cable is plugged.
               0x2: Switch mode depending on USB-Slave-Cable detect pin.
                    cable plugged: Slave, cable not plugged: Host.
               0x3: Switch mode depending on OTG-ID-Pin (Status is polled).
               0x5: OTG-Port is Slave only.
               0x6: Switch manually (set cable=1 !) more info: (*) follow link @end of table
 0x....FF..   GPIO to switch external charge-pump (5V enable for OTG-port). 
              Use 0x10 for GPIO_0.
              Use 0x00 to disable this feature.
 0x...1....   Inverse polarity of external charge-pump-enable pin (5V).
 0x...2....   Keep VBUS-powered (Trizeps6 only: VBUS-Input need 5V if OTGMode = 0x5.
              This bit only needs to be set if VBUS is not supplied by external pin!)
 0x...4....   Ignore VBUS-Input. (Trizeps6 only; 15.04.2016)
 0x...8....   Simplified OTG mechanism. (Trizeps6 only; 20.09.2016)
cable DWORD
Use USB Slave Cable-Detect-pin. (30.06.2009)
 0 or missing  use pin 55 of SODIMM200 as usb-cable-detect.
 1             attempt to detect cable by host SOF-messages.
 2             attempt to detect cable by VBUS Signal. (13.10.2009)

(* more info) switchingusbfn

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