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SPARK Your Imagination is a joint offering between Keith & Koep GmbH and Microsoft Windows Embedded. Combining the µConXS baseboard from Keith & Koep GmbH and a full version of Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R2 and Visual Studio 2005 Professional, a software offering previously available only to professionals, SPARK Your Imagination allows you to take advantage of one of the most comprehensive sets of powerful embedded hardware, development tools, technologies and resources.

If you have bought a spark-kit, access to support-level 1 is granted. If you haven't received username and password through the Getting-Started-Guide included on the Keith & Koep DVD, request it through the Keith & Koep contact form.

The SPARK-Kit consists of:

  1. Platform-Builder for Windows Embedded CE6 R2
  2. Visual Studio Professional 2005

SPARK Product-Page
SPARK Order-Page


The SPARK-BSP is a reduced version of the ConXS-BSP.

BSP for Trizeps IV(M) or Trizeps IV WL on uConXS:

Older versions:

Password to the self-extracting-zip is: I agree to license.
(Keep case, white-spaces, and the ending full-stop.)


SDK for Trizeps4 and uConXS

Project: MaxIE

Project: CoreMax

Project: Minimal

Windows Embedded CE 6 R2 -Images

Windows Embedded CE6 R2 -Image based on project MaxIE. Supports Trizeps IV(M). (default image).

Windows Embedded CE6 R2 -Image based on project MaxIE, including support for Trizeps IV WL.

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