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How to deploy a Win IoT Core Image


Prepare System
  • Download the DragonBoard Update Tool x86 or x64
  • Install the DragonBoard Update Tool and allow to install the contain USB driver
Prepare Hardware (iPAN M7)

  • Set Forced_USB_Boot (SW201) to “on”. (marked with 6)
  • Connect a USB cable to the i-PAN M7 micro USB-Slave port and connect the other end to an USB-port on the host PC. (marked with 4)
  • Connect a power-supply to the i-PAN M7 board (marked with 1)
Deploy Image
  • Start the DragonBoard Update Tool.
  • The Update Tool should detect the i-PAN M7 and the Connection Status should turn green.
  • Select the “Browse” button and select the rawprogram0.xml. When this file does not exist you can create it when you select the Flash.ffu and click on „Program“.
  • Press the “Program” button and wait for the image to be stored onto the eMMC of the Myon.
Start Hardware
  • Once download is complete, disconnect the power supply and micro-USB cable from the board and switch Forced_USB_Boot (SW201) back to “off”. Set Boot_Config_1 (SW200) to “off” to ensure boot from eMMC. If no card is inserted to the µSD-card socket, it would make no difference if Boot_Config_1 is set or not.

Update Single Partitions on emmc

Please use this method only to test single components. You need the follwing tools:

  • emmcdl.exe (part of the DragonBoardUpdateTool)
  • prog_emmc_firehose_8916_ddr.mbn (Part of the DragonBoardUpdateTool)
  • cpfatfs.exe (part of the KuKMyonBuildEnvironment [KUK_SRC\acpi\bin])

To update a partition you need to start the Myon to USBDownloadMode. With „emmcdl -list“ you get the Right com port.

Update SBL

emmcdl -p COMxx -f prog_emmc_firehose_8916_ddr.mbn -b SBL sblfile.mbn

Update UEFI

emmcdl -p COMxx -f prog_emmc_firehose_8916_ddr.mbn -b UEFI uefifile.mbn

Update ACPI

Add need files to the fat16.bin file from ACPI build folder:

cpfatfs.exe fat16.bin panelcfg.xml

cpfatfs.exe fat16.bin boot1.bmp

cpfatfs.exe fat16.bin boot2.bmp

cpfatfs.exe fat16.bin SMBIOS SMBIOS.CFG

emmcdl -p COMxx -f prog_emmc_firehose_8916_ddr.mbn -b PLAT fat16.bin

Trizeps7/Trizeps8mini (SDCard)

  • insert SDCard and get the physical disk number: (CommandPrompt(as administrator) diskpart.exe then list disk) or use (powershell Get-WmiObject Win32_DiskDrive)
    • flash the SDCard (dism.exe /Apply-Image /ImageFile:„*.ffu“ /ApplyDrive:\\.\PhysicalDriveXXX /SkipPlatformCheck)
    • from KuK_IoT_BuildEnvironment_Tr8mini_RS5 you also use the command: flashSD.cmd eval_image test {disk_numer}
  • the first boot is very slow and take much time

Trizeps8mini (emmc)

  • Boot the device an press ESC to stop the boot process in uboot
  • start the Massstorage Mode („ums 0 mmc 0“)
  • connect the USB Slave with your Host PC
  • Open a Powershell as Administrator and get the Physical Device number of the emmc (powershell Get-WmiObject Win32_DiskDrive)
    • flash the SDCard (dism.exe /Apply-Image /ImageFile:„*.ffu“ /ApplyDrive:\\.\PhysicalDriveXXX /SkipPlatformCheck)
    • from KuK_IoT_BuildEnvironment_Tr8mini_RS5 you also use the command: flashSD.cmd eval_image test {disk_numer}
  • reset the device to boot into Windows IoT Core

Sometime the flash will crash, please close VirtualBox and all Explorer Windows.

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