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Windows 10 IoT Core Samples on GitHub

Microsoft IoT Core Samples New Microsoft IoT Core Samples

Compiled versions of the BusTools:
You can download compiled versions of the Microsoft IoT Core Samples BusTools here:
BusTools for Myon1 - Debug (Release)
BusTools for Trizeps8Mini / Myon2 / SBCSOM

Windows 10 UWP Samples on GitHub (mostly also working on Windows IoT Core)

KuK Samples

IoT Core Kiosk Browser

The IoT_Kiosk_Browser is an Kiosk WebBrowser based on the UWP Webview
It is tested on TrizepsVIIImini (ARM64) and MyonI (ARM).

It includes the following features:

  • Update per USB
  • Load Config from USB

After installing you will see the following screen:

The *.xml will be loaded from USB Store that is connected to the device, after copying the config the USB-Stick can be removed.
The Sample Config contains all possible options, for a valid config you will need at least the url tag.

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