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Windows 10 IoT Core, Myon I

Windows 10 IOT Core Myon Build Environment

the ADK Version 17134 only works on english localized workstations

copy the KuK_Myon_BuildEnvironment folder to your RootFolder.

install the ADK ADK
install the IOT Core packages IoT Core Packages
install the DragonBoardUpdateTool x86 or x64

sample to create a image for the ipanm7:

  1. start IoTCorePShell.cmd in your KuK_Myon_BuildEnvironment

(- first time setting up the code signing environment call „InstallOEMCerts.cmd“)

  1. call „New-IoTCabPackage all“ („buildpkg all“)
  2. call „New-IoTFFUImage ipanm7 test/retail“ („buildimage ipanm7 test/retail“) to create a image for a ipanm7 and „New-IoTRecoveryImage iPANM7RecoverySample test/retail („buildrecovery iPANM7RecoverySample test/retail“) to add a image with recovery feature
  3. image you can find at „KuK_IoT_BuildEnvironment_RS5\Workspace\Build\arm\ipanm7\test“
  4. turn on Forced_USB_Boot (SW201) on ipanm7 and connect it to your pc with a micro-usb-cable
  5. call DragonBoardUpdateTool and select the flash.ffu and press Program to split the ffu
  6. select the rawprogram0.xml and press Program to flash the image
  7. turn off Forced_USB_Boot (SW201) on ipanm7 and reboot it

full image deploy guide for ipanm7: Deployment Guide
full image creation guide: Image Creation Guide
full documentation of the adk-addons ADK-Addon options

Frequently Asked Questions

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