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ConXT (formerly: iPAN-10, IP-Base)

ConXT Product Page

The ConXT is a baseboard, which allows customers to easily build an industrial panel solution.
It can be combined with different Displays: 7inch RGB, 10.1inch LVDS or even multi-monitor systems using the RGB, LVDS or Dual-LVDS display interfaces.

Keith & Koep offers the i-PAN XT-Pro 10 Touchpanel Computer, which uses the ConXT baseboard, please look at:
i-PAN XT-Pro 10 Product Page
i-PAN XT-Pro 10 Support Page

ConXT Baseboard - functionality

Figure: Simplified Block Diagram of ConXT

COM2: RS232/RS485/RS422 Switch

1 2 3 4 Setting
off off off off allow software to configure port
on on x x RS232
on off x x RS232
off on x x RS422
off off x x RS485
x x on x Disable RS485 Termination
x x off x Enable RS485 Termination
x x x on RS485/422: enable receive
x x x off RS485/422: disable receive

The ConXT features:

  • Intelligent Panel solution
  • Based on Trizeps CPU modules with SODIMM200 technology
  • LVDS, parallel RGB Display port and optional Dual-LVDS
  • Resistive or capacitive touch
  • USB2.0 host, USB2.0 OTG
  • SD/SDIO card socket
  • 2x RJ45 10/100Mbit Ethernet
  • COM1 (RS232)
  • COM2 (RS232, RS485 or RS422)
  • 2x CAN (isolated)
  • 12/24V IOs (4x inputs, 3 of them with ADC; 4x outputs)
  • analog PAL-camera (Cinch)
  • UPS (uninterruptable power supply)
  • Realtime-clock with backup through coin-cell battery
  • 2x LEDs
  • 2,6W Audio amplifier
  • FFC extension connector with USB,I2C and GPIOs.

Operating System for ConXT

Currently we support Windows Embedded Compact 7, Windows Compact 2013, Linux and Android as operating system.
Board Support Packages (BSP) are free for download and allow our customers to built their own OS.

Because the ConXT may be equipped with different Modules, use the following links in the Modules-chapter to get OS-Images and the Board-Support-Package.


This panel may be equipped with one of the following modules:

Technical Documents

Datasheet:ConXT V1.0

3D Models (no warranty)

  • STEP:
  • STL:
  • PDF:
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